Professional German Artist Creates Incredible 3D Drawings On Simple Flat Surfaces (30 Pics)

Stefan Pabst is a professional artist that lives in Germany. He wants to inspire people through his art and videos while showing the magic of painting. On his YouTube channel, he creates helpful tutorials that explain how he creates his pieces and shows you that you can do it too.

He does many types of drawings, one that stands out the most is the 3D illusion art he makes. They are the most popular among his work and look absolutely incredible and realistic.

Stefan Pabst uses pencils, oils, and pens to create his art pieces and draws them on simple pieces of paper or even cardboard. He depicts animals, everyday objects, pop culture characters, celebrities, and many other things. Hopefully, you will enjoy the fun illusions he creates.



His art creates the illusion of realism like the picture is ‘jumping out’ of the paper. This technique is complicated and is hard to master, but this artist does it almost perfectly. He tricks the viewer into believing that the object is 3D when actually it’s a drawing on a flat surface. Stefan paints full-time and works in his studio daily.



On his channel, Stefan does many other things. He creates time-lapses of his 3D drawings and other paintings, he does tutorials with pencils, oil paints to teach his viewers how to draw and also films speed painting videos. He shows you how you can bring portraits to life, starting from a blank piece of paper and ending up with a masterpiece. Stefan also shares some tips and tricks he has learned over the years he’s been creating art.



The German artist was actually born in Russia but moved to live in Germany. Stefan began drawing at the age of five. On his website, he says, “I received portrait requests from my classmates who were impressed with my work”. He mentions that he became a full-time artist after he drew a portrait of a friend, now he receives requests from actors, singers, sports stars and even politicians.



Stefan wants to teach younger artists what he has learned over the many years of drawing, he wants to inspire them to not give up their passion and create amazing art. That’s why he created his YouTube channel and that’s why he shares many of his techniques and professional secrets with others.














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